House Rules, Acceptable Concepts, Influences

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House Rules, Acceptable Concepts, Influences Empty House Rules, Acceptable Concepts, Influences

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In no particular order....

Gen 7 and lower characters are not permitted without prior approval. They will require a stronger backstory and demonstration of ability to play at that level.

Obscure concepts can be done with approval and demonstration of ability to play. Basically if you think you have to say "Can I play..." ask first.

Sabbat characters are not playable at this time.

Anarch characters may be played with ST approval and a good backstory.

Independent alignments are allowed with a good story.

Tacoma has a Federal Court and is close to a major military installation. For the purposes of game play it is assumed every character knows that the Federal Government has Hunters among them. Long story short, mess with the Feds, the Feds will mess with you. Additionally the Prince prohibits interference with military or federal government activity and will execute anyone who interferes, or perhaps simply sit back and let the Hunters do it for him.  

It is possible to gain (or purchase) influence over the following major infrastructure in and around Tacoma: Railroad, light rail, cable TV, landline telephone, electric power transmission and generation (two different influences here) water and sewer, container shipping, grain shipping, shipyards, and various industrial and financial matters. Contact the ST if you are going to attempt to gain influence over anything. It is known to all that at this time the Prince holds considerable sway over the power, phone, cable and transit, but for a price who knows... maybe you can instead.

The goal is to keep play mainly in the Tacoma area, but we understand it may at times go as far north as Seattle and as far south as Olympia, but try to keep things localized.

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