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Post by Admin on Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:03 pm

This is a work in progress as I find time to expand on it. Some of this is designed to be learned through RP as well.

For the moment we will use bullet points of key events.

1870 - Alexander Harding a Brujah of the 6th Generation establishes himself as Prince of Tacoma

1897. The Klondike Gold Rush sets off a fierce commercial rivalry between Seattle and Tacoma. In the end, Tacoma lost out on its effort to be the premiere city on the Puget Sound. Commerce with Alaska helps fuel the growth of Seattle and over time Tacoma becomes relegated to second class commercial status.  The city that almost made it big.

1897-1900. While most people went to the Klondike chasing wealth, some people were chasing something else. What is known is that some of the Kindred of Tacoma were involved in looking for it. Some say they found what they were looking for and it exceeded their wildest dreams. Others say it exceeded their worst nightmares. Some say they didn't find what they were seeking, but found something else altogether.  It is a mystery, and the few people who know, aren't talking much about it.

1909. Prince Harding and his supporters fight back against an abortive attempt to seize Praxis. His Childe, Artemus Brown rises to prominence during this time for his judicious use of dynamite.

1920. The current prince Artemus Brown takes over when his sire leaves to sleep for a few centuries.

1943. A sabbat incursion is prevented, but at great loss of life. The domain barely remains intact.

1980. The domain is largely rebuilt and restored after years of recovery from the Sabbat attack. It is whispered whatever came from the Klondike played a role in protecting the city during this period.

Present day. Tacoma is not a pleasant domain by any stretch of the imagination. Bounded to the south by werewolves, Anarchs and dangerous government agents who are all too familiar with the supernatural world, to the west by forests and water, to the east by mountains and forests infested with God only knows what, and to the North by the far more pleasant and safer domains of Seattle and Bellevue, while the mortal City of Tacoma is starting to see a modern revitalization, the Kindred community has grown thin on the ground, and to some barely qualifies as a domain. If not for the presence of Prince Brown and a few long term residents, the domain would have shifted to the control of the Court of Seattle a long time ago...

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