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Once called the City of Destiny when the Northern Pacific Railroad chose to terminate it's transcontinental line there instead of Seattle, Tacoma has lead a rough life as a city. In more modern times, often seen as the grittier cousin to Seattle, Tacoma is now rapidly revitalizing and becoming a charming mid sized western city once again. However, the Kindred population isn't faring so well. Held together more by force of habit and force of will by the Prince, the Domain of Tacoma is not seen as up and coming. Or much at all. All things considered though, if you don't mind being hemmed in on three sides by anarchs, werewolves and the US Government, while there are much more up and coming domains to the north, it isn't a bad place to be. Which is to say, just like the rough and tumble founding years, Tacoma is once more a place for those with the grit and backbone to make a home where sometimes you have to try a little harder...

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