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This is a ever growing and changing list of NPC's in the game.

Viktor Von Braun -Ventrue. Holds Olympia as  private domain, calls himself The Governor. Most everyone else does too. Known to provide a welcoming place to Anarchs and other social misfits who don't cause trouble and just want a place to live and be themselves.
Baroness Ginger Bledsoe -Tremere. Leader of the Anarchs of Olympia and Thurston County. A bouncy, cheery sort of person. She's embraced the idea of being a magical vampire, and has let her love for fantasy fiction influence her dress. She tends to dress the part, which is to say flashy and revealing outfits that look like they came out of a video game or fantasy novel. No, she probably won't fuck you, but she's nice to look at.
Prince Artemus "Artie" Brown -Brujah. Prince of Tacoma. Has been there as a mortal or Kindred since the 1870's. Rumored to be a weak prince, but also is rumored to have a not so weak penchant for dynamite, so choose the narrative you like best.
Primogen Jerry Sunbeam -Ventrue. Literally an old hippie. A Vietnam War vet turned pot grower. Legalization has only increased his business. But he still dabbles in acid and shrooms on the side too. Currently Sheriff as well. Strangely well versed in combat for somebody who'd rather smoke a fattie and smirk at his uptight clan mates in Seattle.
Agent Jones -Hunter, Order of the Valkyrie. A dull, humorless Federal agent. The badge says FBI. The black budget gear says an unholy union between the CIA and NSA with the ability to use any resource available at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The extensive knowledge of the supernatural and Kindred says you should be glad his order doesn't give a shit about you unless you make yourself a threat to the US Government or go on a masquerade breaking bender.  

More to be added when I have time.

A couple of notes. Viktor Von Braun is both an NPC and a sort of dues ex machina, which is to say he's the game's token high powered Elder and rarely comes into play as such. However if you can get onto his good side, you might be able to pick up a couple dots in interesting lore or other skills. Impress him (and me) through your interactions and get goodies.

The Hunters really are what they are advertised to be. They are a constant presence in the area due to the presence of the military. You can assume that they can monitor all electronic communications and can track you through your cellphone and other devices, because they are that deep into the shady black ops world. In fact they are blacker than black ops. They know who you are, and if you need a clean legal identity they might just help you get one in the interests of maintaining security and keeping the supernatural secret. Don't call them, they'll call you.

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